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Blue Hat| Unisex Hats| African Print Hat| Men's Hats| Lined Hat for Winter

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Warm fleece in African Prints?  Yup!  You won't find these anywhere else.  Our custom-printed African Bogolan print hat is an Auntie's Expo exclusive.  It's time to keep your ears warm in style and nothing is more eye-catching and stylish this time of year than fun fleece prints.  We are adding winter hats to our line of attention-grabbing products.  This Ankara print hat features a double layer of fleece in shades of blue and a top lining in smooth dry fit wicking polyester for heat.  Top off any outfit with something ethnic and stylish.

One size fits most.  Our hats are sized to fit an average head (including hairstyle) between 21" - 23".  Need a much smaller size or an XL size?  Order our made-to-order hat and we'll be glad to customize the size for you.  Just remember to include the circumference of your head (including your hairstyle) in your order.

Ready to ship:  Our stocked product size M (21"-23")
Made to order:  Custom size up to 25"

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Important to Note!

For made to order: Please include head circumference (including hairstyle) measurement with your order.