About Auntie's Expo

We have been sewing and crafting just about our whole lives

The birth of Auntie's Expo was several years ago. It was in 2013 to be exact. Prior to actually naming a business, my sisters and I (all aunties to one another's children) had been crafting for over 40 years and what began as a hobby so long ago turned into somewhat of a side hustle with craft shows, bazaars, and expos. Nevertheless, our first debut online was not with anything sewn, crafted, or painted.

I believe this was pre-Etsy. There wasn't a true platform for handmade goods. So we got a little sidetracked with our projects. Don't get me wrong, we actually learned a lot about internet sales and online selling platforms. Our specialty at that time was natural oils and we sold on a few other popular platforms. We had sales success but not a lot of passion for what we were doing.

In the meantime, as our talent grew and we perfected our crafting we did a lot of party and wedding crafts. Guests began commenting on our decorations and inquiring about the cost of our crafts or services. Hmm, It was a lightbulb moment. We thought "yes" we could sell more crafts and reach so many more shoppers looking for handmade items if we were to sell our wares online. By this time Etsy had made its debut online and was becoming very popular. It seemed to be a perfect match.

Fast forward 2020. We are back following our hearts and our love for all things creative. We enjoy paper crafting, painting, sewing, designing, pattern making, flower arranging, building, woodworking, cake decorating, baking, quilting, jewelry making, and on and on and on. There is a great feeling of joy in everything we make. Follow us on our journey and watch our Etsy Shop "Auntie's Expo" expand and include a large array of handcrafted items using a multitude of different mediums.

If you like our shop please hit the favorites button and follow our journey. Additionally, if you have purchased or plan on purchasing any of our handmade items we want to personally say thank you. Please help us build our reputation by leaving us that "extremely important" review. We are truly looking forward to building a great relationship with our shop customers and the entire Etsy Community.


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  • Aunt 'Nique

    Owner, Designer

    I am the principal crafter, thinker, and doer behind the operations at Auntie's Expo. It began with craft shows and bazaars decades ago. Fast forward 2020 and It's artistry, sewing & crafting to sell handmade pieces online using unlimited mediums.

  • Aunt Vee

    Owner, Maker

    I am an avid crafter, artist, and performer. I love creating pieces using different types of mediums. I love it when people enjoy my handcrafted pieces as much as I enjoy creating them.