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Silver Swirl Heart Wire Wrap Pendant with Necklace with Birthstone Personalization, for Valentine's Day, Mother's gift, Gift for her. Grandmother's gift.

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Elevate your style and celebrate cherished moments with our exquisite Silver Open Swirl Heart Pendant. Meticulously handcrafted with a skillful wire wrap technique using coated aluminum wire, this unique heart jewelry piece exudes elegance and craftsmanship. 

Nestled within the graceful swirl of the heart, wear those special "in" your heart with customizable birthstones that add a personal touch, making it a meaningful keepsake or a heartfelt gift. Each pendant is a testament to artistry, as the wire-wrapping process ensures no two are alike. Adorn yourself or a loved one with this personalized birthstone pendant, a wearable symbol of love and connection, expertly designed to make memories tangible.

Each heart piece is approximately 1.75" by 1.75" to 2" by 2" and hangs on an 18-inch, silver, open-link chain. 

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