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"GRAND HATIMA" 31 Inch Giant African Christmas Angel Black Christmas Angel Grand Angel Hatima For Kwanzaa

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VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Wow!! Her size is unbelievable. Meet our "Grand" Hatima angel. She is nearly 300% larger than our standard-size angels and towers at a whopping 30 inches tall. Her natural colors are perfect as an Easter Angel or can top A Giant Christmas tree in any theme. She is perfectly sized to sit at the hearth of a fireplace or take center stage in a montage of Christmas decor.

Our angels' imaginary expressions represent every girl, woman, or child. Her features are universal. Her skin is black. Not dark skin or light skin. Not broad nose or narrow, not brown eyes or green. She is a Nubian Queen and she represents the beautiful soul in all of us. Christmas angels make excellent gifts and these ethnic depictions are the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

Hatima (destiny) wears a beautiful ivory-colored dress dotted with calm tones of rusts, browns, and black. Her colors are perfect for a natural Christmas motif and also will coordinate beautifully with jewel-toned and traditional-toned themes.

Our African American Angels are handmade soft sculpt dolls made of 100% cotton fabric. Her beautiful double skirted dress is a combination of genuine imported African wax print fabric and Christmas print cotton. Each queen is adorned with gold or silver jewelry and a Gele inspired head wrap. This Christmas Diva is standing proudly at a glorious 30 inches tall, perfectly proportioned for 12 foot or Larger residential or commercial Christmas trees. These Grand Angels are an Auntie's Expo Exclusive.

*note: flowers and decor not included.

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